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Common Errors and Issues

The following are known recording issues in the extension and possible workarounds. The error details are shown on the popup when attempting to record.

Pages with YouTube Videos.

Error Details: Cannot attach to this target

If you encounter this error message and are unable to record pages with YouTube videos, note that recording YouTube is not possible if you have the ‘chrome youtube app’ installed (It’s OK if it’s installed. Everyone does by default).

If this is the case, go to chrome://apps. Click the YouTube app and remove it. Try capturing again.

Here’s a video that shows how to fix this error:

Pages with certain types of iframes.

Error Details: Cannot access contents of url “about:srcdoc”. Extension manifest must request permission to access this host.

Unfortunately, this is a known bug in Chromium that prevents the extension from being able to record certain pages with iframes that contain a srcdoc URL.

We hope it is fixed soon!

Have another error or issue?

Since is still new, we’ll need your help with what we should troubleshoot! Please contact us and ask us questions and show us examples.