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Browsing Archives in

Once created, web archive collections remain in the browser and can be accessed at any time from the extension home page.

To browse archives, you can quickly open the extension in several ways:

  • From the extension menu, click the HOME button:

    home icon view

  • From the site, clicking on Browse Web Archives stored in this browser.

All of these options will take you to the Extension Home Page

Extension Home Page / All Archives View

The extension home page lists all of the available web archive collections.


By default, the My Web Archive collection is created automatically. You can also create additional collections here. See the Multiple Archives for more info on creating additional web archive collections.

You can click on each individual archive to load the archive collection view.

Archive Collection View

From this view, you can view all of the pages that have been archived, sort them by different criteria.


You can also search individual pages by URL or page text:


(This UI is identical to the interface available in