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How To Download Specific Pages

By clicking on a collection title, you are brought to collection page. From the collection page, all the pages, URLs, and descriptive information about the collection will be there.

You can view the data as pages or URLs. When you view Pages, there will be a dropdown menu available as an option.

The download dropdown menu will have four options:

  1. Download Selected as WACZ
  2. Download Selected as WARC only
  3. Download All as WACZ
  4. Download All as WARC only

To download the specific pages from your collection, first check off the pages you want. Then when you click on the download dropdown menu, you can choose if you want to download your archive as a WACZ zipped file or as a WARC file!

Screenshot of the Collection Page for Web Archiving collection
Download collection
Screenshot: Check off the pages of your collection that you want
Download collection
Screenshot: Download these pages of your collection as either a WARC or WACZ
Download collection